Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Brazilian Cheese Bread Recipe

Here is my mom's cheese bread recipe:

Ingredients 2 Cups of milk 3/4 cup of corn oil (or any light tasting oil) 1 table spoon of salt 1-3 cups of cheese, either parmesan or romano (you can try other hard cheeses) 2 big eggs or 3 small ones 1 package of "povilho doce" flour, Yoki brand (or any other brand)

Instructions Mix milk, oil, and salt into a pan and bring to a boil, mixing the bottom once in a while. Be careful as the milk will suddenly boil and you don't want it to spill. Now empty the flour into a deep bowl. Pour the milk mixture over the flour, while mixing well avoiding the formation of clumps. Leave the dough sitting until it cools down (about 15 min, but they say the longer, the better). Now alternate between adding the eggs and the cheese, while working the dough with your hands in order to mix everything together as well as possible. The longer you squeeze the dough, the better. You can now wash your hands, then butter-up a cookie sheet or similar container, then add a little bit of oil to your hands, spreading it out. Make little balls of the desired size, adding oil to your hands whenever the dough starts getting sticky. Pre-heat the oven to 356F, and bake your Brazilian cheese bread.

The cheese bread takes around 15min to bake, sometimes longer. After those 15min, if the cheese bread is not light-gold, then continue baking and monitor the oven every 5min to see if it has reached the desired coloration. Usually you don't want it to get too brown, but tastes vary.

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Ricardo Fabbri said...

Pao de queijo e' complicado. A receita ta ai, voce pode seguir meticulosamente, mas nunca sai igual. Alem disso, voce pode colocar mais ou menos ovo, mais ou menos leite, sovar um pouco mais, deixar a massa senter por mais tempo, etc. Qual o efeito no resultado final? Quais variaveis temos que otimizar para maximizar a crocancia e o crescimento do PQ, sem virar PA (pao de ar)?

Um estudo cientifico no Brasil revelou

Uma amiga minha havia me enviado um email com um artigo cientifico com o estudo dos efeitos dos ingredientes do pao de queijo no resultado final.

A ciencia do pao de queijo:

The science of optimizing your cheese bread: