Monday, July 23, 2007

[Linux] Printing with CUPS

I was trying to use the KDE control pannel to add printers to my
system, but I would get:
"unable to create temporary printer"

I also had a perfectly working printer, which suddenly became "not
ready" from the acrobat printing menu. When I opened the KDE printing
control panel, and tried "start printer", I got

The solution was to add the printer through the CUPS web interface,
which is actually very good. The way to do it is to open the following
link in your browser (konqueror/firefox):


And add the printer from there. The process was straightforward for my
Lexmark Optra T612.
For the record, my CUPS version is 1.2.10. Maybe I updated CUPS and
the KDE print manager got lost? Go figure.. at least I will only use
the CUPS web interface from now on.

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Anonymous said...

I have configured one Xerox Documen center 440PS printer on my SLED-10 SP1 its printing is fine but always prints an extra page of Xerox symbol "X", I tried lot of thing to stop this extra print page but was in vein, could you please put a ray of hope onto this situation..