Monday, July 23, 2007

[Linux] Bug in EPS export

When I try to export an drawing to EPS, the right and bottom parts of the drawing
are not shown, even though the bounding box seems right.
This bug started to occur when I upgraded to 2.2.1, although earlier versions
worked fine for me (I would guess the upgrade was from 2.2.0, but I am not
sure). Something definitely changed in recent versions regarding to EPS export
that caused things to stop working.

WORKAROUND 1) Select the whole drawing, then export. For some reason
it works like this.

WORKAROUND 2) Increase the margins by dragging
the margins to be far from the object. This screws-up the bounding box, but at
least the whole object is drawn. I then edit the eps file using a text
editor (vim),
and adjust the bounding box values according to the values I determine by
inspecting the drawing in ghostview ('gv'). The cursor in 'gv' shows the
bounding box value.

Keywords: cut-off, draw, impress, latex, bounding box, margins, eps, postscript

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