Thursday, October 16, 2008

John Maeda talk at Brown

The new RISD president, and former MIT Media-Labber John Maeda spoke
today at Brown.

It was an interesting experience, more of a light sequence of simple
facts that did the job of kepping people entertained; I feel nobody
was profoundly illuminated.
But maybe that's exactly the message - life simple facts and tidbits
can be more important than they seem. But at the same time it does
bring a sense of unfulfilment and apathy towards getting
anything explained, nailed down, or thoroughly illuminated. I had a
simple mild positive reaction to it. Simplicity and mediocrity
inevitably must have something in common. Its much like short Tao

One of his little ideas that really shook me was the fact that
technology is kind of saturating in the 21st century, and that what we
really need is more human reality, sensibility, and creativity into
our lives.
That's pretty much true. As a computer vision scientist, I think we
already threw hardware at problems a lot, and although it does bring
insights and immediate results, what we really feel the need for is
some human spark, human care, and human design to actually get
algorithms to be smarter, faster, and solve the innumerous problems
that fundamentally weren't solved before. Yes, like the vision

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