Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Valgrind for profiling

Valgrind is amazing. Not only it does memcheck, it also does code profiling without need to recompile everything. Use it with kcachegrind, and you can see a very nice visualization of the profiling data.


Ricardo Fabbri said...

A simple usage for the daily grind:

valgrind --tool=callgrind program


Ricardo Fabbri said...

For memory check, here is a transcription of valgrind's quickstart guide:

If you normally run your program like this:

myprog arg1 arg2

Use this command line:

valgrind --leak-check=yes myprog arg1 arg2

Memcheck is the default tool. The --leak-check option turns on the detailed memory leak detector.

Your program will run much slower (eg. 20 to 30 times) than normal, and use a lot more memory. Memcheck will issue messages about memory errors and leaks that it detects.

More info at:

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